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Crystal Meth Addiction Effects - Methamphetamine and Crank Addiction Rehabilitation Center

If Your are a Meth User, get a treatment center like Gulf Coast Recovery to break the course of Methamphetamine Effects and free yourself before it is too late.

If you Know a Meth User, You may be the only one with the ability to make the decision for your loved one to attend a treatment center- Your ability to you’re your loved one enter a Crystal meth Rehab may be the last hope left that to reverse the path to destruction and literally saves your loved one’s life.

Meth is a powerfully addictive drug. Even the most successful people fall prey to crank quite easily after only the first use leading to a demand for Crank Addiction Rehab Centers. A methamphetamine user is often helpless to the addiction.

National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

Crystal Meth addiction is so prevalent that the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, assigned November 30, 2006 as National Methamphetamine Awareness Day.

Meth Addiction Effects - Methamphetamine Alters the Brain

Methamphetamine Effects are serious and eventually fatal. Crank is among the most addictive substances to humans. "This is the most malignant, addictive drug known to mankind," according to Dr. Michael Abrams by Dirk Johnson, The New York Times 2-22-1996.

Without functioning Meth Rehab Centers like Gulf Coast Recovery, physical and emotional damage caused by long-term – even short-term meth use, cannot be undone. Rapid aging and the embarrassing “meth mouth” effects are traumatizing however, brain damage seriously impacts everyday functioning and can lead to death.

Methamphetamine alters how the neurons in the body communicate, impairing our dopamine levels dramatically. The functioning of the Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid neurotransmitter in the nucleus accumbens located in the anterior limbic system of the brain is believed to be directly related to the resulting addiction to methamphetamines.

Long-Term Methamphetamine Effects

Long-Term Methamphetamine Abuse Can:

  • Fatally Damage the Kidneys
  • Fatally Damage Lungs
  • Cause Irreversible Brain Damage
  • Cause Severe Injury to the Liver
  • Cause Blood Clots
  • Result in Chronic Depression
  • Lead to Hallucinations, Personality Disorders and Psychosis
  • Become Violent
  • Die of Malnutrition
  • Develop a Low Functioning Immune System
  • Cause Death

Signs of a Meth Tweaker

Ultimately a meth user becomes what is known as a “tweaker,” a serious sign a person is nearing the end of their meth struggle. This level of meth addiction is only a fraction away from disastrous circumstances, physical injury, crime or death.

Signs of a Meth Tweaker:

  • Has Not Slept in at Least 3 Days
  • Bad-Tempered
  • Paranoid
  • Violent
  • Intense Meth Cravings that No Amount of the Drug Will Satiate; Causing Extreme and Dangerous Frustration
  • Eyes Move 10 Times Faster than Normal with Body Shuddering.

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